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Packaged Bee Installation Workshop

The season is ON for beekeepers! If you are a beginning beekeeper, you may want to know more about installing a package of bees.

Check out “Don the Fat Bee Man,” and his videos on YouTube, including this one about installing a package.

Phil Holbert of Holbert Bee Supply will demonstrate a package installation on April 10th at his shop in Saluda, NC. You can reach him at (828) 749-2337 for more information. There will be two sessions that day.



Free Movie Screening in Tryon! More Than Honey


Last night, I attended the Spartanburg Beekeepers Association meeting in Spartanburg, SC. There was a terrific turn out and a wonderful talk on how to prepare for the spring honey buildup.

It was such a great group of passionate, engaged beekeepers. I am looking forward to growing such a group in Polk County, linking them all, and learning together by engaging with the Spartanburg Beekeepers Association. This initiative begins now with the announcement of a free screening of More Than Honey.

This fascinating documentary looks at beekeeping across continents and through generations. It highlights the main issues facing our honeybee populations. It is free and open to the public! I look forward to getting all of the interested people in one room. That means you!

Here are the details of the event:


More Than Honey

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 – 7:00pm

Tryon Theatre

45 South Trade Street

Tryon, NC 28782

Beekeeping in Polk County

There are a number of beekeepers in Polk County. Many have just a hive or two and others have several. All of these hobbyist beekeepers have something to offer each other. In 2015, the Office of Agricultural Economic Development aims to network these beekeepers and link them with ongoing education.

A survey of beekeepers who have taken the Polk County Cooperative Extension Class (sign up for this year’s class if you haven’t had the course already) reveals a need to share information.

class poster

To accomplish this goal, we established the Polk County Beekeepers Facebook page. Additionally, we believe that the Spartanburg Beekeepers Association is a good club for Polk County beekeepers to join.

Join me at their next meeting on January 8th! Their President, Mark Sweatman, lives just over the border in Landrum, and the club meetings are entertaining, engaging and informative. Each meeting is the second Thursday of every month. The club meets at 6:30pm with the formal presentation at 7:00pm. The meetings are held at:

Spartanburg County Administration Building,

Conference Room #6,

366 North Church Street Spartanburg, SC 29303

(enter in the back of building on the left side)

If there is enough interest, I hope to organize a Polk County subchapter to go to their meetings every month. A more tightly knit group of beekeepers in Polk County would serve as a wonderful resource. If there is enough interest, transportation may even be arranged.

I look forward to the community’s input on the form of this local beekeeping group, and I am eager to meet everyone who keeps bees in our community. A group is needed for mutual support!