Saturday Buying and Sunday Eating in Boone

So I have no excuse for the time it has taken to make my first blog post. It has been a busy few weeks but I am glad to be back on my week of eating 100%.

Saturday morning I was in Boone so in preparation for the Eat Local Challenge I went to the Watauga County Farmers’ Market.  I have been before but everytime it seems to get better and better. We parked two parking lots away due to the volume of visitors and even had to do that stare down the other driver who is trying to steal your spot thing. It was tense. So we got a Fried Apple Pie from The Farmer’s Wife and a Fresh Lemonade (sorry kid, I forgot what your name was but I gave you $1 tip so I hope we’re cool) to calm down.  And if you’re reading this guy in the parking lot, remember one thing…I won.

We got:

  • Honey from Faith Mountain Farm
  • Beets, purple green beans, Cherokee purple tomatoes, and beets from Against the Grain Farm (I went to there farm during the High County Farm Tour – it is an amazing place)
  • Turkey Burger from I forgot.
  • Summer Banana Apples (Particularly excited about these as I planted two of these this year from Century Farm Orchards and have no idea what they taste like – just went with the good sounding description.) Also from I forgot.
  • Potatoes from Caroline at Octupus Garden (Hey Caroline!)

We also heard some great tunes from Redleg Husky. It’s nice having music to meander too. Like a farmers’ market soundtrack. The artists, Tim and Misa were very nice too.

20150815_102300 20150815_102247

If you find yourself in Watauga County and are preparing for a local food odyssey – then make your way over to Ashe County for the cheese. I bought a wheel of cheese from Ashe County Cheese. Won’t say much more than that but if I forget to mention it, just expect everyday I have a chunk.

20150815_170328 20150815_171041 20150815_171051

We didn’t buy anything (sorry owners) but really enjoyed The Honey Hole. They had a wide range of bee keeping equipment, poultry supplies, and good food gift items. The best part was the outside entry and indoor display beehive right there in the store. For all you poultry fanciers, check out the leash option for walking your chicken down Main.20150815_171553


Lastly for West Jefferson, stopped at Boondocks Brewing for a few beers. Really enjoyed the IPA and grew extra hair on my chest from the Campfire Scottish Ale.

Dinner that night was good but it being the last night of not eating local it inherently was not very local. Though the Come Back Shack has local turkey and beef burgers, I opted instead for a veggie burger with fries.

Sunday brunch brought a great feast at Melanie’s Food Fantasy. They had beautiful pollinator gardens on their patio and outside the restaurant. I had a hard time deciding but ended up with local scrambled eggs, biscuit from Stick Boy Bread Co, covered in gravy, bacon, whole grain pancake, and apples. It was a feast and was great.




Sunday evening after getting home I went to the new mega Ingles in Mills River. So fancy that they lights in the freezer section only come on as you walk by…good job Ingles! They had a nice display of local produce as soon as you came in the door. I bought Annie’s Bread, smoked Sunburst Trout, and another tomato. Had a picnic of sorts at home with the Ashe County Cheese.

The picture at the top is from the Mt. Jefferson State Park.