Eating Local Round 2: Practicing Preparedness

Giving local a fighting chance…

Sunday morning I started my second week of local eating.  After all my difficulties sticking to it last time, I wanted to be sure I took the time to plan and prepare for this week.

Saturday I went to the Columbus Farmers Market and used my EBT to “double my buck” and buy lots of great stuff.  I got ground beef, sirloin roast, and short ribs from ChinquapinFarm in Tryon, NC.  I also got a half of a chicken from Mountain Valley Farms out of Saluda.  Once my proteins were covered I stocked up on things I don’t have in my own garden.  I got amaranth leaves, or as the Jamaican’s call it, Callaloo, from Adawehi and I got some spinach from them as well.  (I just remembered this as I was writing…so it looks like spinach is on the menu for tonight).  Additionally I got crowder peas from the Lynchs, and sweet corn from the Searcys.

Friday I had to ride out to Harmon Dairy, where I was gifted with two crimson sweet watermelons, okra, heirloom tomatoes, ground wheat, and squash!  I was fully prepared and stocked up for the week.

Sunday night I prepped meatballs filled with tomatoes, basil, and peppers from my garden and baked them in the oven while I canned tomatillo salsa.  I then chopped up one of the watermelons and several tomatoes so I could whip up some sauces quick after work (with the tomatoes…not the watermelons…that would be odd).  After canning salsa I was too tired to get anything else ready for the week, but this was a pretty good start.

Southerners know what’s up….

This week I have been digging into some true southern stabples.  Okra cooked up with sweet corn, tomatoes, and peppers with a side of crowder peas was on the menu last night.  Today’s lunch was egg salad, watermelon, and a cookie (not local, but I can’t pass up a free cookie).  I have to say that I could have okra skillet every night…

Tonights menu will not be very southern, more Italian actually.  I am going to attempt to make gnocchi with a spinach tomato sauce.  I also want to try my hand at making some crackers to have for a snack at work.  It’s always exciting to experiment in the kitchen.

Planning paid off….

So, even though eating local does take a little planning and thought, it really is rewarding.  Every meal I have eaten is delicious and I can taste the nutrition oozing from each bite.  Planning ahead lets me go home, sit back, and relax before diving into a whole meal prep.

PS:  I have no pictures to share because my phone was dropped in a large pool of water (I won’t say what kind of water….but needless to say, my photos have been lost to the cyber world).

Until next time!